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A Quick Start Guide to Data Modelling in Looker

If you’re familiar with SQL and new to using the BI tool Looker, here are the basics to build a mental model of Looker’s data modelling components.

Four Core Components for Data Modelling in Looker


Views are similar to a single database table. Data fields (measures and dimensions) are defined in views.


Explores are similar to a SQL query. Explores join views together; and define the fields available for selection.


Models are similar to a database connection; there is one connection per model. Models group explores together.


Projects group all the view, model, and explore LookML definition files together. A project is managed inside a single git repository. Projects can be connected to each other in order to share their content.

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looker_diagram See the above four components; carefully distilled into an artisinal, handcrafted diagram 👨‍🎨

Published Jun 10, 2020