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Febrary 19, 2021

OpenCelliD Visualization: Visualising the global cell network. Looks like a nice proxy for economic development.

Zsh Tricks to Blow your Mind

Interesting site by Adam Harvey showcasing some art projects about privacy, computer vision, and surveillance.

Vim Awesome

Disjointed independence: Another way to learn about indepence of events in probability theory. Shows an area where circular Venn diagrams can fail.

BoundedContext: Martin Fowler explains this core DDD concept.

Domain Modelling Made Functional

Good and Bad Technical Debt (and how TDD helps)

Product vs. Feature Teams

Retros suck! Three reasons why and what you can do about it

Platform Economy & Delivery

Deliveroo to adopt dynamic pricing structure

Deep reinforcement learning for supply chain and price optimization

Why Some Platforms Thrive and Others Don’t

Podcasts & Conf Talks

Marc Randolph on Building Netflix, Battling Blockbuster, Negotiating with Amazon/Bezos, and Scraping the Barnacles Off the Hull

Published Feb 19, 2021