I’m a tech professional from Australia, living in Barcelona.

The content of this site reflects my interests, and is a place to share some of my own ramblings from time to time.

Work Highlights

Enabling data-driven product development for on-demand delivery at Glovo.

Building a business that makes software tools for manufacturing QA teams. Helping metal packaging factories across the globe make better products.

Improving the safety and efficiency of underground mining operations; using sensor networks and real-time analytics.

Consulting for departments of the Australian Government, modeling the economic impact of investments in public events.

If you’d like to find out more, feel free to drop me an email.


They’re a collection of articles, podcasts, and talks that I’ve come across during the week and found worth sharing. They’re the things that are influencing my thinking, mostly on analytics and software engineering, and also some stuff related to my hobbies and interests.

Why the .ac domain?

The site is not based on the outpost in the South Atlantic (although their twin turtle coat of arms is awesome). It’s also not associated with the hospital in Tokyo, which is @luke.ac.jp (although I have received incorrectly addressed graphic emails from the doctors there 🤢). It’s just that my middle initials are A and C.